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Reclaimed Birdhouses
Judie My husband, Joe and I made these birdhouses out of reclaimed wood, old tin, and decorative antique objects., The wood and tin were saved from an old house and chicken coup on the family farm that had been torn down, Each birdhouse is one-of-a-kind as the source of all the matierials is limited. Joe
  • These birdhouses are arranged in groups so their size can  be understood in comparison to the other groups.
  • Individual pictures are under each group so details are more visible and to indicate their names.
  • Please call or email for exact size and prices.

All entry holes are sized for bluebirds and smaller birds.

All houses can be opened for cleaning.


Birdhouses Group 1  
Birdhouses Group 1
Store Hunting Gear
Store – Hunting Gear
Slant – Butterfly  
Slant – Butterfly - Sold
Tower Wing  
Tower – Wing - Sold
   Chalet Rusty  
Chalet - Rusty  
Birdhouses Group 2  
Birdhouses Group 2
Cottage - Siver Deer  
Cottage- Silver Deer  
Tower Leaf  
Tower - Leaf
Portico Butterfly  
Portico – Butterfly  
Front Porch  
Front Porch  
Birdhouses Group 3  

Birdhouses Group 3

Chalet – Lady  
Chalet – Lady  
Store Garden  
Store – Garden  
Tower Turquoise  
Tower – Turquoise  
Royal Cottage  
Royal Cottage  
Birdhouses Group 4  

Birdhouses Group 4

Slant Door Pull  
Slant – Door Pull   
Church Bell  
Church Bell   
Chalet - Clock  
Chalet – Clock  

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